Sell-Side M&A

Business owners have worked
long and hard to realize their payday.

It is gratifying and humbling for me to work with clients in their life-altering transactions. Engaging an experienced attorney to help navigate the intricacies of selling your business will enable you to maintain clarity from beginning to end. My purpose is to ensure a transparent process that will allow you to successfully sell your business and avoid surprises. As you continue to run your business during the sale process, you deserve to have confidence in your legal counsel. You have direct access to me as we overcome each challenge to get you to the closing of your exit transaction.

Buy-Side M&A

Companies execute certain growth
strategies by buying businesses.

Guiding clients in acquiring businesses is one of my strengths. The buying process can be elaborate, and I help clients close acquisitions to achieve superior results. From deal structure, due diligence, drafting, negotiation, to closing, I keep the client’s goals in focus so that each step is strategic. Potential liabilities and stress levels are reduced by a detailed understanding of the target, the deal and its process, and post-closing target integration. I am an experienced, efficient resource for growth-minded business owners who want to add to their earning potential.

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